Wireless Business Lite

  • Optimised specifically for business use
  • Low contention ratios
  • Lightning fast with very low latency
  • A connection that bursts, so you can experience a speed almost double your current line speed.
  • We offer reliable service and local support

Wireless Business Lite service is perfect for small businesses which requires a good daytime service with no need for night data.

If you are not maxing out on your service, line speed will burst up to twice as fast to retrieve data, effectively giving you the experienced feeling of running at almost double your service speed.

Jenny Eswatini Wireless Business Lite

Business Internet with proactive link monitoring

Monthly Service Fee

Pricing listed below is inclusive of VAT.

Turbo Uncapped GB p/m
500GB E 1999.00 E 1599.00
250GB E 1399.00 E 999.00
150GB E 999.00 E 699.00

Once the High Speed with Turbo Uncapped GB is reached your connection speed will be reduced like all uncapped services. Your service will be throttled to
50% (1/2) of its original speed. You will be able to BOOST your Internet speed back to Turbo Uncapped (original speed) on the My Jenny page.

Jenny Internet Turbo Data

Setup and installation costs

The setup will include an external wireless antenna (CPE) on your building roof, which points to our tower, and an Internal WIFI access point.


Purchase Equipment

Business CPE Installation
  • Includes external antenna on the roof
    (CPE : Client premises equipment)
  • Internal WIFI access point
  • All labour, cabling and sundries
  • Allows for a month to month internet contract
    Standard Business CPE Installation

    +- E 4999 incl VAT

    Extra High Power CPE Installation

    +- E 7999 incl VAT


    Rent Equipment

    Business CPE Installation
    • No large upfront cost
    • Equipment will be replaced if required.
      ( Weather damage, old or outdated )
    • Equipment remains the property of Jenny Internet
      Once Off Setup Fee

      E 999

      Monthly CPE Rental Cost

      Standard : E 260 p/m

      High Power : E 625 p/m

      Equipment Rental Pricelist


      Jenny Fixed Wireless Internet

      Wireless Business Internet is high-speed internet access without cables or wires. You receive your Internet connectivity through a wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) on your roof. This CPE points to our nearest tower, to connect to the Internet and other services. Jenny Internet uses the latest technology in connectivity to ensure a consistent high-speed Internet connection for your business.

      Ready to get Wireless Business Lite?

      We aim to satisfy...no matter where you are


      Here are the most frequently asked questions about Wireless Business Lite.
      If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to speak to us.

      Installations typically take between 1 and 7 working days.

      You can simply log any support problems directly on our website or phone our call-centre support agents 7 days a week, all of which are backed up by local technicians.

      Yes, we can plug the CPE into your current network.

      We have local dealers in each area who will install your CPE (client premises equipment).  All installations are checked by our Quality Assurance department before final sign-off testing by you.

      Yes, we provide static IP addresses. Please contact our sales team for current pricing.

      We have a unique bandwidth monitoring system that you have access to.

      Jenny Bandwidth Monitor


      Watch our fair usage policy video for more information:


      You can request an upgrade or downgrade at any point. 
      If the service is upgraded mid-month, the upgrade can be done the same day.  You will be billed pro-rata for the extra value from the day the service was upgraded to month-end. You will receive the pro-rata bill with your next months' invoice.
      All downgrades will only be processed at month-end so this will not affect your billing in any way.